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“Hopper Bus Ticket” Offering you the best value solution for your journey in Gibraltar.

Start your journey on any Bus in Gibraltar ! 

Gibraltar may be a small British Overseas Territory, but that does not mean that everything is of walking distance. Local bus companies; 'Citibus' and 'Gibraltar Bus Company' offer a fantastic range of bus routes aimed at making your visit as comfortable as possible. 

What you get

The “Hopper Ticket” will enable you and our family to make the most of seeing Gibraltar’s attractions found in the City and other areas located within the lower reaches of the Rock at your own pace throughout the day. This ticket enables you to have unlimited travel on all Gibraltar bus routes on the date of presentation (redemption) of the voucher. Feel free to jump on and off buses as required (Citibus & Gibraltar Bus Company Routes).

Find the full map in the images.

Gibraltar is not only famous because of the massive limestone Rock situated in its centre, but also because of the fantastic range of tourist attractions located up, around and inside the Rock of Gibraltar. With the Hopper Bus Ticket, local buses will drop you off directly at many of these locations:

  • Beaches (Eastern Beach / Catalan Bay / Sandy Bay)
  • Cable Car Base Station
  • Casemates (City Centre / Main Street) 
  • Europa Point
  • Gibraltar National Museum
  • Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque
  • Marinas (Marina Bay / Ocean Village / Queensway Quay)  
  • Moorish Castle (Northern Defences)
  • Napier of Magdala Battery (100 Ton Gun)
  • Official Taxi Tour Points
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Europa
  • Sikorski Memorial
  • Trafalgar Cemetery
  • Commonwealth Park 

Many More...
These are only a few of the many key attractions and historical sites which Gibraltar has to offer  



1. Present your ticket and redeem it upon boarding Citibus or Gibraltar Bus Company. 
2. Buses can be taken from any bus stop serviced by Citibus or Gibraltar Bus Company. For further information go to www.citibus.gi  
3. The closest bus stop to the Cruise Terminal is 'North Mole road (Albert Risso House)' Bus Stop - please see Google Maps for directions -
4. The closest bus stop to the Frontier and Airport is 'Winston Churchill Avenue road' (Frontier Terminus/Gibraltar International Airport) Bus Stop - please see Google Maps for directions -  


  • The best value transport solution to get around Gibraltar
  • Unlimited access to all bus routes where you can jump on and off at any time to get to your desired location(s)
  • Unlimited travel on all Gibraltar bus routes on the date on which the ticket is redeemed
  • Access to many of the most popular FREE tourist attractions.

Yes, you can use all the routes for the Gibraltar Bus Service & City Bus the only two provided of bus services in Gibraltar which cover the whole of Gibraltar.

Yes you can use the bus for as many journeys as you like

Just present your Mobile Ticket to the driver ( The Booking Date will appear on the tickets )

Fine Print

  • Tickets are not refundable or transferable
  • For further information go to www.citibus.gi
  • Tickets are valid from 08:00 hours to 21:00 hours on the day of redemption

We can change the date of your reservation should you not be able to attend on the day intended. 

1. Present your ticket and redeem it upon boarding Citibus or Gibraltar Bus Company.

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5 out of 5 stars based on 14 reviews
  • 5 Star Image

    Good service. Cleaned and well maintained

  • 4 Star Image
    Website update with better instructions

    I was a Canadian visitor, first time to this city. During our walk, we decided to do this hop on bus. (No attendants near our hop on location.). I am tech savvy; your web purchase fairly strait forward. I had to let one bus go by as I tried to understand the process. The only thing I would recommend is to add a quick overview on the website explaining how a new guest can expect to activate the online ticket purchase with the bus driver. That was a bit confusing. I only speak english so I had a bit of a language barrier with the driver.

  • 5 Star Image
    Day trip saviour

    The hopper bus was really convenient as the rock has too much narrow and steep walking and you may end up exhausted. Knowing where the stops were located was a bit confusing but drivers were always kind and helpful. You’ll save time and efforts if you want a whole day visit I absolutely recommend you to get one.

  • 5 Star Image
    Hopper bus

    Bargain price, much cheaper than in UK ! As a wagon mechanic, I did notice that there seems to be lots of clunking from the the bus`s suspension which I would put down to worn bushes. The noise was annoying because I can recognise it.

  • 4 Star Image
    Nice driver/guide and nice tour

    We had planned to take the cable car but it didn’t go because of the strong wind. We avoided several rather aggressive hawkers for bus tours until we came across a kind man who we trusted. It was probably nicer to go up the rock by bus than by cable car, as the distances are significant and it was quite cold in the wind. We had enough time to see everything and the driver was a very friendly man. I forgot his name but he lived in one of the old houses in the upper part of town. We had a nice day in Gibraltar. One day is enough to visit Gibraltar, though.

  • 5 Star Image
    Go to the rock

    Smooth transportation in town of Gibraltar, rather long lines for the cable car but once up to the rock it is fantastic with the apes and the view. Very recommended!

  • 5 Star Image

    Great value. The bus is the way to go.

  • 5 Star Image


  • 5 Star Image
    One day cruise stop

    Easy handling - nice experience.

  • 4 Star Image

    Excellent ticket. You can ride on any busses. The only drawback is that some buss drivers didn’t know about that it can just a ticket in your iPhone.

  • 5 Star Image
    Very easy and convenient way to get around

    The process was easy and I had the tickets printed so was easy to get on the buses

  • 4 Star Image
    Excellent service and coverage - but only at pre-selected day/date

    Excellent service and coverage! Gibraltar has perhaps one of the best bus services that I've seen, specially for a relatively small place and Hopper Bus Tickets lets you fully enjoy the Gibraltar Bus services (both Citibus and Gibraltar Bus Company services). The only reason why I don't give 5 starts (and give 4 instead) is because you can only redeem your tickets at the day where you reserved them. Imagine that for some reason you cannot redeem at the date you purchased them and can only redeem at a later date? If Hopper Bus Tickets allowed to redeem at any date instead of only the previously chosen one at the time of purchase/reserve then I would give 5 starts for sure.

  • 4 Star Image
    very comfortable and easy

    At first we had to look for the bus stop - after we found the first one, everything was fine and very comfortable - I love it not to worry about fares and just step onto public transport

  • 5 Star Image
    Good way to see Gibraltar

    Great Experience. Met local people!