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Gibraltar’s National Art Gallery became a reality in June 2015 and was the culmination of the local arts fraternity’s hard work, campaigning and determination since the formation of the Calpe Arts Society in 1954. Homed in the historic centrally located City Hall building, the gallery proudly displays works by renowned Gibraltarian artists Gustavo Bacarisas, Jacobo Azagury, Rudesindo Mannia, Leni Mifsud and Mario Finlayson.
The works on display at the National Gallery offer an insight into life in Gibraltar since the early 1900’s. Inaugurated in 2015 by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo QC, the gallery was named in honour of prolific local artist Mario Finlayson, a man publicly regarded and recognised as the doyen of Gibraltar’s art world. Mario’s pieces hang alongside the works of Gustavo Bacarisas, Jacobo Azagury, Rudesindo Mannia and Leni Mifsud. Their contemporary artistic influences and inspiration from the world and time they lived and worked in are visible in many of their creations.
Visitors have the opportunity to view their art in a building which also hosts the Mayor’s Parlour and is steeped in local social and political history.

-A Gallery celebrating the work of Gibraltar’s past art doyens

-Enjoy and celebrate the inspiring work of artist Gustavo Bacarisas

-Located in the City Hall, a historical building which is accessible via public transport

GEMA – The Gibraltar Exhibitions of Modern Art displays the winning works of local art competitions of all genres, including sculpture, installation, video and photography. Situated within Montagu Bastion, an interesting historic venue in its own right, the Gallery boasts works by internationally acclaimed Gibraltarian artist Christian Hook, who became a household name after winning the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year in 2014. The space has also proved to be a popular cultural hub, playing host to functions and events to include fashion and dance workshops, live music, book launches, a yoga event and for the first time in October 2019 a play.

What you get

Built by the Moors, the Bastion was rebuilt and enlarged into a five side structure under British rule. It is named after Ralph Montagu, Marquis of Monthermer, made First Duke of Montagu in 1705. The Bastion served as an anti-aircraft position and by 1859 it mounted twenty nine guns and had become the most powerful bastioned fortification in Gibraltar. Historical records provide an insight into the space’s evolution between 1705 and 1931, and later its strategic military function during the Second World War. Since GEMA’s inauguration on 10th November 2015 the Bastion’s more peaceful purpose is as a space to harbour culture and display creativity.

Divided into three main vaults, GEMA is dedicated to previous winners of the main art competitions held annually in Gibraltar: The International Art Exhibition, The Young Art Competition and The Spring Visual Arts Competition. Artworks, comprised of paintings, sculptures, video, photography and installation, are displayed on the Bastion’s original stone walls, which undoubtedly create a distinctive backdrop which only serve to enhance the works. GEMA also runs an initiative inviting local artists to exhibit in one of the vaults, in a bid to promote their works and expand the opportunities available to them. Recent exhibitions have included diverse offerings such as Karl Ullger’s ‘Passport to Our Future’, Victor Quintanilla’s ‘Cosmos’ metal sculpture exhibition and the ‘Frontline Workers Portrait Exhibition’ – a collaboration of 40 local artists creating in different mediums.
Contains a range of art pieces from Gibraltarian and International artists
- Features art pieces from internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Christian Hook
- Located in a central area of Gibraltar, easily accessible via local buses and taxis
- Enjoy a display featuring over 40 artworks including paintings, sculptures, video, installation and photography


  • A Gallery celebrating the work of Gibraltar’s past art doyens
  • Located in City Hall, a historical building which is very accessible via public transport
  • Enjoy and celebrate the inspiring work of prolific artist Mario Finlayson

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  • Tickets are NOT required
  • Open Weekdays 9:30 to 17:30


City Hall

John Mackintosh Square

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