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You Are Locked In
You can't bring anything with you, everything you'll need is inside the room. Your objective is to escape.

The Clock Is Ticking…
Can you solve your way to the end of our challenges and escape the room in 60 minutes?

Feel The Atmosphere
Every experience is themed and built to immerse you in its story and environment, you'll forget where you are!

What you get

You can choose one of our exciting games. 

The Neanderthal

You are in a lair in the Rock belonging to a mad professor who has stolen the famous neanderthal skull from the Gibraltar Museum. She plans to resurrect the species with the intent of creating a Neanderthal army to take over the planet. Using a neuro-enhancer she intends to rapidly advance the neanderthal brain to surpass that of humans, leading to potentially destructive consequences. The Neanderthal has a varied mix of challenges and numerous parts which require at least 2 people to solve the stage, suitable for larger groups.

New Game - The Game Cube 

No funny business, no lofty fairy tale to guide your puzzle cracking, The Game Cube presents a 60 minute challenge to any takers to navigate a room full of challenges nostalgically-themed around some of the classic games of the last 40 years. Suitable for Adults and children alike and a maximum of 6 people in the game.

Casino Heist

You and your crew of up to 7 opportunists will take advantage of Marian Atraco’s absence to rob her private casino. You have 1 hour to navigate the main casino floor and find a way to break into the vault. You will be trying to steal as many chips from as many places as possible. She’s known for her previous mafia connections which have influenced her methods when dealing

with people she has a problem with, so get in and rob as much as you can before she returns!


  • Choose from a great selection of different escape rooms
  • The perfect activity for birthday parties and other social events
  • Learn to make fast decisions, trying new approaches, leaving non-working approaches behind
  • Think outside the box by exploring unique illogical possibilities
  • A fantastic team building opportunity to develop new friendships

Fine Print

  • The escape experience will be 1 hour but there will be up to 15 minutes extra for briefings and introductions before, and de-briefing afterwards.
  • We strongly advise an adult to participate with children who are 11 and under. From what we have seen this age group find the games very difficult. Groups of 12 and up still find it difficult but can manage the games.


Escape Room center

7 Cemetery Road (Devils Tower Road) Gibraltar, GX11 1AA

Please note some locations indicated on the map may not be completely accurate and should not be used when planning directions.