Case Study - Event Planning & Promotion

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The Challenge

We were having issues with the delivery of information, things like that we have an upcoming event out to the public/our members. We didn’t really have a streamlined ticketing service which gave us control to manage the ticketing process and track our promotional efforts. We encountered the same issue, that the general public simply didn’t even know we were running an event.

The Solution

Starting to sell our tickets through allows us to be able to promote our events through their social media and newsletter. We’ve been able to gather all the information in one place, things even like dietary requirements and more. We’ve been able to access all this information remotely with the admin details they provided, which in turn allows us much more streamlined and reliable information.

Identifying opportunities for future growth

The transition was an easy one, we are now able to reach large audiences and in turn have seen many new faces to our events.

The staff have always been helpful and quick to answer/make amendments. We sometimes require different things for our events. For example sometimes we require the dietary requirements of our clients who are coming to one of our dinners. They can add fields we require and always try their utmost to ensure every demand we have can be met.

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