Case Study - Event Planning & Promotion

Gibraltar Philharmonic Society bringing world class talent to local audiences


The Challenge

We faced a multitude of issues, the most prominent ones being the strict time frame we required to sell our tickets. Having our premises open only during working hours made it hard for professionals working the standard office hours to come and purchase the tickets.

The Solution

Selling our events through Buytickets has opened up a brand new audience. It makes it easier for our audience to purchase the tickets they want, when they want.

Identifying opportunities for future growth

Selling our events through buytickets has also allowed our events to be promoted on their social media and newsletter so they reach audiences we never had access to. The amazing thing about this, is that it has allowed us to receive new audiences as well as sell out nearly all our events.

We can not recommend enough. They make the transition as easy as possible, once we made this decision we never looked back.

“Thank you”

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