Case Study - Event Planning & Promotion

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Prior to using we had to spend countless hours of admin work to keep up with the sales from all our different venues within the hotel.

Umberto Panella
Director of Food & Beverage

The Challenge

We were having various and constant issues. The main issue was the selling of tickets from different venues within our hotel. We would need the client to email us or visit our hotel. We would then need to manually add and track each sale so we didn’t oversell the event. Then it would also be hard to track payments for all the different venues. This issue amongst others would add countless hours of admin and tracking work.

The Solution

Switching over to allowed us to have everything streamlined, tracked and smooth. It has honestly saved us numerous hours where we can now focus more on other aspects of the event.

Identifying opportunities for future growth

Now that we started selling our events through we have been able to offer even more events. We had targeted 2020 to be the year we hosted the most events ever.

Having all different types of events sold on Buytickets allows us to track sales real time, differentiate the funds from each event and allows us to do our accounting in 10% of the time it used to take us. We now have more resources to focus on making our events that much better.

“Promptly and professionally, they always make themselves accessible, they make any changes required almost immediately and have met our every need in terms of payment and more. I can not rate the staff any higher.”

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