Breakfast workshop, exploring narrative, plot & themes

  • 09 Mar 24
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  • Mar09

    Saturday - 10:30

    Breakfast workshop, exploring narrative, plot & themes



Have you ever wondered what any given situation may look like from someone else’s point of view? What about how it feels from a different perspective? What about the differing perspective of an object, a neighbouring tree or a sleepy street cat?In this workshop with Melissa Bosano we will take some time to explore narrative perspective and how this can shape our understanding of plot and themes; how different perspectives add interest. Engage in activities that explore different viewpoints explore the art of description. Writers will then be given some time to write their own piece from an exciting, and unique, point of view. A small breakfast and refreshments will be provided. This is a workshop organised and facilitated by Gibraltar Cultural Services.



312 Main St, Gibraltar GX11 1AA

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