Classic Vinyl Playback: 1st Albums ever pressed to LP Format

  • 22 Mar 18
  • The Gibraltar Garrison Library
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  • Mar22

    Thursday - 19:00

    Classic Vinyl Playback: 1st Albums ever pressed to LP Format



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The March edition of Classic Vinyl Playback presents a very special event with playback of two very rare albums, the first ever pressed to to the LP format and both released in 1948:

- “The Voice of Frank Sinatra” performed by Frank Sinatra and Orchestra under the direction of Axel Stordahl. This is the very first 10" LP record released in 1948 (re-released in 1950), Using existing material that was originally issued as a four-record 78 rpm album in March 4, 1946.

- “Medelssohn Concerto in E Minor for violin and Orchestra, Op.64” performed by Nathan Milstein with the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York and conducted by Bruno Walter. This is the very first vinyl LP printed for the (soon to be announced) "12 inch LP's" for the Columbia catalog, and is considered the first (modern) 12 inch LP ever.

These rare albums are on loan from a private collector who will also be giving a presentation on them. Playback of a few tracks from each of the 78 rpm versions of the albums will also be played via a gramophone on the evening.


Music plays a huge part of many of our lives and recorded music in particular has become a soundtrack to our busy daily routines. We run, we work, we drive, we party, recorded music is most commonly listened to within the context of another activity. It has become increasingly rare that we consume albums in their entirety in one sitting and do just that, just sit, listen and enjoy, the music being the central focus. 


Classic Vinyl Playback brings music and vinyl lovers in Gibraltar together to listen to a classic album on vinyl, through high quality equipment, in its entirety in a unique setting and as close as possible to the way in which the artist intended.



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