Classic Vinyl Playback presents, Buena Vista Social Club

  • 03 Aug 17
  • The Gibraltar Garrison Library
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Ticket price includes drinks and delicious tapas.

  • Aug03

    Thursday - 19:00

    Classic Vinyl Playback presents, Buena Vista Social Club



Music plays a huge part of many of our lives and recorded music in particular has become a soundtrack to our busy daily routines. We run, we work, we drive, we party, recorded music is most commonly listened to within the context of another activity. It has become increasingly rare that we consume albums in their entirety in one sitting and do just that, just sit, listen and enjoy, the music being the central focus. 

Classic Vinyl Playback brings music and vinyl lovers in Gibraltar together to listen to a classic album on vinyl, through high quality equipment, in its entirety in a unique setting and as close as possible to the way in which the artist intended.

In March 1996 the London-based record label World Circuit arranged a recording trip to Havana, Cuba. In just over two weeks three albums were recorded. All three were released to great critical and public acclaim. The third album, ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ was released in June 1997 and has since come to be regarded as a classic, selling 6 million copies worldwide.

‘Buena Vista Social Club’ is both the name given to an extraordinary pool of Cuban musicians and the album, recorded in just six days in Havana’s 1950s vintage EGREM studios. It was clear from the atmosphere of the recording sessions that something very special was taking place. However, no one could have predicted that Buena Vista Social Club would become a worldwide phenomenon, outselling any other record in the same genre, elevating the artists to superstar status and popularising Cuba’s rich musical heritage, all of which has contributed to a massive boom in Cuba’s tourist and recording industries.

Come join us at the Gibraltar Garrison Library for this exclusive event. Ticket price includes drinks and delicious tapas.


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