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  • GFSB Conference Centre
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Past Event
  • Jan11

    Thursday - 09:00

    Priceless Presentations

    £0.00 - £5.00

  • Jan17

    Wednesday - 17:30

    Tourism Transformation

    £0.00 - £5.00

  • Jan18

    Thursday - 16:30

    Business Briefing: Fair Trading Act 2023 with Isolas

    £0.00 - £5.00

  • Feb01

    Thursday - 12:00

    Essential Tools for Busy Managers:

    £0.00 - £5.00

  • Feb22

    Thursday - 09:00

    Red Promotions sales Training and Rock Learning present: Persuasion Techniques for Selling

    £0.00 - £5.00


Essential Tools for Busy Managers:

Coaching Techniques to Transform Your Management Style
Learning outcomes:
  • Engage in a short workshop tailored for individuals aspiring to enhance their skills as effective people managers.
  • Discover how coaching techniques can naturally motivate, develop, and instill self-sufficiency within your team.
  • Learn how to empower them to resolve challenges independently, achieve their objectives and enhance long-term performance.

During Rebecca's 20-year career, she has worked side by side with business leaders and their teams to help develop themselves and unlock their potential.

With this session you’ll gain practical insights and strategies to enhance your managerial approach and achieve your business goals so please join us on the 1st of February - bring your lunch and learn with the GFSB.

Date: 1st February
Time: 12:00 - 13:00
Venue: GFSB 122 Irish Town

Red Promotions sales Training and Rock Learning present:

Persuasion Techniques for Selling

This session will be packed with insights, techniques, and tactics to encourage others to do what you want them to do.

Paul Kilby from Red Promotions Sales Training will teach you to work with your brain, not against it. Paul has been selling for many years, in various industries, using all sorts of methods. He’s learnt what works, and what doesn’t.

His time with business people has shown him that sales skills are often sorely needed by their teams. So he set up Red Promotions, a training company that helps salespeople develop their potential.

Join us for this great chance to refresh your sales skills or even learn a few more:

Date: 22nd February
Time: 09:00 - 10:00
Venue: GFSB 122 Irish Town


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