Gibraltar Drama Festival 2022

  • 20 - 26 Mar 22
  • Inces Hall Theatre
  • Mobile tickets
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Covid conditions no longer apply to this event.

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Accessibility at the Ince's hall theatre. 

Accessible seats are spaces specifically designed for wheelchairs and include features such as an accessible approach, location at grade, clear floor space, and larger dimensions. 

Please note that buying a wheelchair space automatically gives the wheelchair user a y transfer seat should you require it. 

Hearing Loop 

There is a loop system installed in the auditorium, which can be accessed by patrons switching their aids to the “T” setting.

Accessible Toilet

An Accessible Toilet Facilities are located within the theatre complex. 

BSL Interpreted Performances

Some shows are BSL this will be marked clearly on the event page. 

Sunday 20th March 2022 – 4:00pm
1. GAMPA Children presents: ‘The Ants And The Grasshoppers’, an Aesop Fable Comedy
(Adaptation) (U)
2. GAMPA Infants presents: ‘I Don’t Want To Go To Bed’, a Children’s Story by Julie Skyes
(Adaptation) (U)
3. GAMPA Children presents: ‘Plenty Of Fish In The Sea’, a Comedy by Hannah Mifsud (U)

Sunday 20th March 2022 – 7:00pm
1. White Light Theatre presents: ‘The Domino Effect’, a Modern Drama by Fin Kennedy (PG)
2. Bayside & Westside Drama Group presents: ‘As It Was’, a Drama by Lucy Atkinson (PG)

Monday 21st March 2022 – 7:00pm
1. Magazine Studio Theatre presents: ‘Speech And Debate’, a Black Comedy by Stephen Karam (15+)
2. The Sotogrande Players presents: ‘Tejas Verdes’, a Drama by Fermin Cabal (15+)
3. White Light Theatre presents: ‘Dark Sketches Of Richard’, a Historical Drama by William
Shakespeare (adapted by Andrew Dark) (PG)

Tuesday 22nd March 2022 – 7:00pm
1. Bayside & Westside Drama Group presents: ‘Every Time We Think Of Them’, a Drama by Julian
Felice (15+)
2. GAMPA Teens presents: ‘The Domino Effect’, a Teen Drama by Fin Kennedy (PG)
3. Rock Theatre presents: ‘Interior: Panic’, a Drama by Tennessee Williams (PG)

Wednesday 23rd March 2022 – 7:00pm
1. Stay Wild Theatre presents: ‘The Weakness Of Achilles’, a Tragedy by Billy Van Heel (PG)
2. GAMPA Seniors presents: ‘The Wolves’, a Drama by Sarah DeLappe (PG)

Thursday 24th March 2022 – 7:00pm
1. Bayside & Westside Drama Group presents: ‘The Blue Whale’, a Dark Comedy by Julian Felice (15+)
2. Magazine Studio Theatre presents: ‘Trust Me, I’m A Doctor’, a Dramedy by Hannah Mifsud (15+)

Friday 25th March 2022 – 7:00pm
1. Santos Productions presents: ‘The C Word’, a Drama by Christian Santos (PG)
2. Alternate Shadows presents: ‘Curses!’, a Comedy Drama by Bob Cooke (PG)
3. Rock Theatre presents: ‘No, Minister’, a Political Comedy by Royston Capel (PG)

Saturday 26th March 2022 – 7:00pm

Gala Night – The Festival Gala Night will include the top two or three plays as well as the overall winning play. The awards ceremony will follow the staging of plays.


Inces Hall Theatre

310 Main Street

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