Gibraltar Magic Festival 2017



We started conjuring up some tricks 7 years ago with our humble yet exciting magic shows and form then our one show developed into more and more magically experiences for our audiences. Now our show have become a fully fledged festival kindly supported by the Ministry of Culture. 
Last year we had 12 Sold-Out Performances at all our shows with over 3,500 Sold. We have added some extra shows this year but be quick and get the best seats. 
We now have an amazing Line-Up of magicians, Illusionists & Circus acts which we could only dream of a few years ago. We want to take you back to the Great Magic shows of years gone by bringing you the best magicians from around the globe. 
We are a Not for Profit event with a sole aim to promote magic & Circus and encourage our community to try out various exciting elements. 
Come with us and let us show you a magical world 
Where all the magic happens in YOUR head.




For disabled access please contact us - Please see read carefully that date that you wish to book for, The Seat selector will apear once you select the number of seats your looking for.