Gibraltar Magic Festival 2018

Coming Soon


Stayed tunned - Tickets out soon 


We started conjuring up some tricks 9 years ago with our humble yet exciting magic shows and form then our one show developed into more and more magically experiences for our audiences. Now our show have become a fully fledged festival kindly supported by the Ministry of Culture. 


 We now have an amazing Line-Up of magicians, Illusionists & Circus acts which we could only dream of a few years ago. We want to take you back to the Great Magic shows of years gone by bringing you the best magicians from around the globe. 


We are a Not for Profit event with a sole aim to promote Magic & Circus and encourage our community to try out various exciting elements. 


Come with us and let us show you a magical world 

Where all the magic happens in YOUR head.   


23rd Nov & 24th Close-Up Sessions 


26th & 27th - Workshops  


28th Nov - 2nd Dec - International Magic Gala   ( 10 Shows total including Sensory performance) 





More info out soon