Gibraltar World Music Festival 2019

  • 13 Jun 19
  • St Michael's Cave
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  • Jun13

    Thursday - 20:00

    Gibraltar World Music Festival 2019

    £35.00 - £40.00


"When BrightMed began to explore 'Chaos' as a theme, countries around us have demonstrated unexpected and chaotic behaviour such us, Brexit, Les gilets jaunes (Yellow jackets), terrorist attacks, the rise of right-wing political parties and the escalation of immigration concerns. Not to mention our personal issues such as accidents, loss of loved ones, etc.

If BrightMed can impact the Universe in such a way, then why not put a positive spin on it. Therefore, 'Out of Chaos' is our theme for 2019.

The renowned World Music artist from the Balkans: Goran Bregović (along with 20 other performers from Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, etc) and performing his deep and spiritual music: Diwan Saz (from Israel, Palestine, Iran, Turkey and Syria) will star in the concerts."

Very few musicians have managed to develop an art of such amplitude that coherently mixes such a great variety of styles and techniques without losing its identity. A Bregović piece can be recognized on the very first hearing and seems to address the whole Earth with no distinction of race, sex, age or religion.

Quite a few musicians would be content with only a fragment of Goran Bregović' s career. Contemporary composer, traditional musician or rock star, he did not have to choose – he took it all to invent a music that is both universal and unmistakably his own.

Goran Bregovic's musical adventures began in the sixties at a music school in Sarajevo. There he started learning to play violin and got acquainted with the counterpoint and harmony, but this just didn't seem fun enough...

The Diwan Saz ensemble collects the sparks of traditional music from the past and transcribes it into sacred contemporary music. They believe in the power of music which can provoke a feeling of healing and liberation. In the past 8 years Diwan Saz performed in many festivals around the world in front of a diverse audience. From New York to India, from a mosque to a synagogue, the audience was fascinated by the ability of their music to create a dialogue and rise above any controversy or politics.


St Michael's Cave

Upper Rock

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7pm Shuttle Service from Midtown ( Coach Park )

Midtown Car Park - Gibraltar
Reclamation Road - GX11 1AA
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