JIMMY CARR : Terribly Funny 2.0

  • 08 - 09 Oct 22
  • St Michael's Cave
  • Mobile tickets

Age Certificate: 16+
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  • Jimmy Carr : Terribly Funny 2.0

    08 Oct 19:30

  • Jimmy Carr : Terribly Funny 2.0 - LATE SHOW

    08 Oct 22:30

  • Jimmy Carr : Terribly Funny 2.0

    09 Oct 19:30

  • Jimmy Carr : Terribly Funny 2.0 - LATE SHOW

    09 Oct 22:30


*All New Material for 2022*

Jimmy’s brand new show contains jokes about all kinds of terrible things.

Terrible things that might have affected you or people you know and love.

But they’re just jokes – they are not the terrible things.

Having political correctness at a comedy show is like having health and safety at a rodeo.

Now you’ve been warned, buy a ticket.

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St Michael's Cave

Upper Rock

Pick Up Information:

Shuttle Starts 6pm - 7:10 for 7:30 Shows & 9:00pm - 10:10 - for 10:30 Shows

Midtown Car Park - Gibraltar
Reclamation Road - GX11 1AA
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