Lie or Magic? THE MAGIC SHOW

  • 06 Sep 24
  • John Mackintosh Hall
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  • Sep06

    Friday - 19:30

    Lie or Magic? THE MAGIC SHOW



Join Adam Daniel Bősze’s new magic show! He is the magician who has dazzled audiences at the John Mackintosh Hall in Gibraltar multiple times.

Will you be able to tell the difference between lies and magic?

Starting from 12th July, you can watch Adam’s Magic Pranks online show every Friday until 6th September. Experience the fine line between deception and magic, and you might even win £50 at the end of each video!

After watching the videos, come and meet Adam in person on 6th September!

In the meantime, you won't know if, in your everyday life, when you walk into a shop or restaurant, you will experience reality or magical deception!


The duration of the show is approximately 45 minutes.

Age range

The show is enjoyable for ages 9 to 99 years old.


John Mackintosh Hall
308 Main St, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

(Charles Hunt Room)


Except in the case of a complete event cancellation, all tickets are non-refundable.


John Mackintosh Hall

308 Main Street

Charles Hunt Room

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