Meet-Up: Modern Excel for Accountants

  • 09 Sep 22
  • Sunborn Gibraltar
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    Friday - 09:00

    Meet-Up: Modern Excel for Accountants



Title: Meet-Up: Modern Excel for Accountants

Date: Friday 9th September:

Time: 9.00am-10.30am

Venue: Sunborn Yacht Hotel


Join us for Gibraltar's first Excel Meet-Up, partially sponsored by the Gibraltar Society for Accountants.

Excel in 2022 is so drastically different to what it was 20 years ago, but sadly, most Excel users, even the more advanced ones only use the older features. VLOOKUP, CONCATENATE, nested IF formulas, comments and even macros have all been recently superseded with better tools, plus there are many other features that far exceeds what was previously possible in Excel, examples include:

  1. Power Query: A data clean up and transformation sub-application that lives inside Excel, one feature is generating a list of non matching items across lists that auto updates
  2. Collaboration: Multiple people can now edit the same excel file at the same time using excel desktop they can @mention each other in comments or provide filters only for themselves and right click a cell to show what it used to be & when
  3. Dynamic arrays: Excel has rebuilt its formula engine from scratch, not only are there new functions but formulas themselves can do much more such as returning multiple rows or columns as an output
  4. AI enabled tools: Excel can create chart and pivot tables for you directly or you can ask a question about your data or you can create a column which extracts or combines multiple columns
  5. Modern visuals: create an interactive clickable dashboard or use some modern charts like maps or waterfalls or in cell charts
  6. Encyclopaedia in Excel: get historic or self updating currency/stock prices directly inside Excel

This demo heavy session by chartered accountant David Benaim who writes Excel & tech related blog posts for ICAEW grew up in Gibraltar. David is considered by Microsoft to be in the top Excel people worldwide, with on his tech tutorial YouTube channel.


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