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The Gibraltar Philharmonic Society is delighted to invite you to a musical celebration marking the end of a successful 2016/2017 season, to a concert dedicated to works by two great composers W. A. Mozart and J. Haydn featuring the European Sinfonietta.

The concert is sponsored by the Gibraltar Asset Management, Huber & Co. Ltd., Turicum Private Bank and will take place at the Convent Ballroom on 20th June 2017 commencing at 9:00pm.

The highly acclaimed masterpieces penned by both Mozart and Haydn have long withstood the critical test of time. Along with Beethoven, a one-time pupil of Haydn, they are considered the three great composers responsible for the development of the Classical style in music during the eighteenth-century; symphony, opera, string quartet, and concerto, in particular. Haydn is undeniably recognized as one of the most creative and resourceful composers in history, yet he continues to be overshadowed by Mozart. Does that mean that Mozart had more talent or that he contributed more to the development of western music? Talent alone cannot account for the accomplishments and innovations of these two brilliant composers. The music they left us is a product of their natural ability combined with formal training and experience, personal inspiration and motivation, hard work, and a good deal of being in the right place at the right time.

Haydn called Mozart “the greatest composer I know;” Mozart called Haydn “my best friend.” Enjoy what each heard in the other in this musical reunion.


J. Haydn: Symphony No 1 in D major  Hob I:1

J. Haydn: Symphony No 45 in F sharp minor Hob I:45
W.A. Mozart:  Symphony No 1 in E flat major  KV16

W.A. Mozart: Symphony No 25 in G minor KV183



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