Que Pasa Gibraltar 2020

Victoria Stadium


It's currently the most sought party brands among the #Gibraltar party scene. We are an annual festival, aiming to provide a unique and memorable experience. As we bring together some of the most eager, friendly, party people you will ever meet.

Our festival, located on the entrance of the #Mediterranean Sea. Offers 360 degrees of spectacular views of #Spain and #Africa with its clear waters and blue skies. Que Pasa provides you with the right ingredients to start your #CostadelSol rave this year, right here.

The start of Que Pasa in 2019 couldn’t have been more humble. An unknown promoter with bags of experience (barely wasting time) became a part of the underground spirit of electronic music culture in their hometown. Acclaimed for its stellar line-up, Que Pasa is already the party to look forward to in 2020, bringing top Dj’s, supreme sound, visuals and location, they seek to entertain and amuse. Que Pasa fulfills these objectives each time its doors open. These are the factors that set them apart from the rest.

The sound of Que Pasa is of different varieties ranging from and to #Deephouse, #House, #Techhouse, #Techno, #Minimal and #Breakbeat, in other words, anything to do with #Electronicmusic. Expect the bookings to be of this kind, with local Dj’s completing the bill.



Que Pasa Gibratar


Victoria Stadium

Bayside Road