Stupid F**king Bird

GADA Studio

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By popular demand new date added - Sat 20th 

Kind, hopeful Dev (Ed Lawson) suffers from an unrequited love for Mash (Kim Soiza), who composes cleverly despairing songs on the ukulele. Mash is desperately in love with Con (Tim Seed), a passionate playwright who is deeply in love with Nina (Erica McGrail-Barabich), his beautiful, vibrant muse, and childhood friend. Nina seems to love him back, until she becomes entranced by Trig (Steve Lawson), a literary star who happens to be dating Con's mother Emma, a successful actress who is hopelessly commercial, in the eyes of her son. With a dead bird, a gun, and a little help from the audience, Con might be able to win Nina's heart again... or at least feed his own tentative, morbid creativity. In this edgy, funny, and compassionate reboot of Anton Chekhov's famous Seagull staged at the intimate GADA Studios, Aaron Posner has created a strong, energetic ensemble piece, a hilarious and moving meditation on love, life, and art.
Directed and Produced by Daniel Strain-Webber. 



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GADA Studio

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