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John Mackintosh Hall

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"No-one suspected that night as Llanitos slept in the loving arms of el 'Penon' that a cosmic wave had washed ashore and come to rest in the ancient village."

White Light Theatre invite you to join us for a Halloween fundraiser with our spooky tale 'The Children of Catalan Bay', a retelling of the chilling 'Village of the Damned' sci-fi movie, where an alien life force surrounds and cuts off a tiny village from the outside world and months later all the women of childbearing years give birth to atomic blonde children who can read minds. 

Our version of this classic tale of space children invading is set during the turbulent and stormy years of the 1990s: the rise of the Winston Boys. 

Expect thrills, scares and lots of laughs as some of Gib's finest voices perform this story in the style of an 'Old-time Radio show' from the 1940s. A truly horror-fuelled evening is guaranteed for all. 

We produce in order to give back! 

Monies from this production will be passed onto local charities.



White Light Company


This play would be suitable for persons age 12+


John Mackintosh Hall

308 Main Street