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GibHeli is extremely pleased and grateful to be able to offer commercial helicopter services at Gibraltar airport. The licensed helicopter operator supplying the services is the dominant and largest operator of sightseeing flights in Norway. In particular, serving the cruise industry market place. In 2018 flew more than 2000 sightseeing flights from 5 bases. We believes the unique location of Gibraltar offers great potential for many services. Like Taxi flights to and from major cities in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Custom VIP private sightseeing tours and aerial photo and filming. Bearing in mind that Gibraltar is an important shipping location we believe there is also the potential for other helicopter services.  Like cargo flights to vessels on the way in the Strait.

"The Rock Tour"

The helicopter tour starts from Gibraltar International airport located by the border at the entrance to the territory. Gibraltar is only little with only 4 square miles (6.55 square kms). However, with 30,000 inhabitants it is a densely populated area. Tourists from around the world visit the Rock, however not many have experienced viewing it from the air. See it all from an angle never seen by tourists. Learn about the unique wind situation created by the sloping shape on the west side, and the steep cliff on the east side. View the airstrip made from debris from the tunneling works of WWII, the Rif Mountains in the nearby continent of Africa, Morocco and the other pillar of Hercules, Jebel Musa. Very importantly, you will also get a bird’s eye view of the East Slope Sand Dunes, which are part of a UNESCO world heritage site and formerly a water catchments area, just one of Gibraltar’s great engineering achievements. On the route back to the airport you also see the embrasures cut out into the Rock face, in which cannons were positioned inside the Rock itself for defense purposes in the past.

"The Africa Tour"

The most complete Gibraltar tourist sightseeing available! Dont stop with the most important tourist attractions on ground, and join a flight between the two Pillars of Hercules. See it all from the air including numerous other significant historical sites in two continents, two world oceans and three countries. The route is packed of multi cultural, natural and historical locations. Including events before the history of mankind. No other helicopter excursion worldwide is comparable to the time span of significant events.

Geological - Biblical - Empires - Scientific - Wars - Cultural - Wild Life and much more. This helicopter sightseeing route is a gem for all who are interested to experience a concentrated package of astonishing views of travelling in time. Dont waste time reading - Join us onboard - Look - See - Listen. Interesting facts are given to you by pilot on every important point on the route.

The Gibraltar Rock - Algeciras Bay - The Gibraltar Strait - Tanger (Africa) - Mount Moses - Perejil Island - Ceuta(Spain in Africa) .

All in one hour flight in a top modern helicopter from Airbus - EC130B4 with a capacity of 7 passenger seats. The Strait is also a very important shipping lane, and Gibraltar has become a place known for its expertise with shipping and is the largest Mediterranean bunkering port. More than 350 cruise ships a year have Gibraltar as port of call for a reason. Did you know The Strait of Gibraltar has more than 120.000 ships passing every year. An impressive sight every day from the air. On a lucky day you might see dolphines, whales and orcas. However, this is not guanteed and is season dependent.


Gibraltar Airport

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