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Secure Tickets

All ticket formats feature a scannable QR code for automated validation and secure admission.
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High Capacity Events

Professional scanning kit available to loan for multi entrance venues, or high capacity events.
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Fast Ticket Scanning

Ticket scanning app for iOS for Android devices offers faster ticket validation for larger audiences.
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Scan Reporting

Ticket scan report shows which tickets have been scanned and which customers have yet to arrive.
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Ticket scanning with your phone

We have a free ticket scanning app that works alongside your account to enable you to scan the code on your customer's tickets, in whatever format they have chosen.

Scanning features at a glance

  • Tickets include scannable QR code
  • Professional scanning kit available for high capacity events
  • Ticket scanning app for iOS and Android devices
  • Scan reporting for scanned and unscanned tickets

Early bird discounting

Customers to book sooner rather than later with time-limited price categories

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